About Us

Cloaker.XYZ offers advanced IP detection technology to keep ad networks and social media crawlers and employees from seeing your ad. We also have technology that prevents fraud. We have advanced IP screening technology to make sure only potential customers will see your ad.

  • Full support for no extra fee.
  • Add in custom features that are taylored to a for a reasonable amount.
  • Support on Skype
  • Support via email

Cloaker Features

Our cloaker has many features that can be used for any type of internet marketer. With Cloaker.xyz, you are in complete control of all of your campaigns.

Easy to use

  • Create custom campaigns in a second
  • Track all your links with ease. See who has been whitelisted and blacklisted.
  • View all your campaigns' statistics on one page.

Marketer Oriented

  • Target one or more GEOs per campaign
  • Pause and Activate campaigns on the fly
  • Easy implementation for PHP sites
  • Great for Social Media


  • Detects Competitor Companies, Unwanted visitors, Scrapers, Crawlers and Bots of all Kinds
  • Blocks all proxy and VPN IPs.
  • Total referer strip

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply scroll to the bottom, and pay with PayPal. We will contact you, usually within 24 hours to set up your account. The cloaker is only $120 a month.

We offer full hands-on support with any issues/questions you have.

Our elite development team can add in some features just for you for a very small fee.